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Your ideal home, the right way

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The entire process – searching, offering, escrow, you name it – we’re reliably there every step of the way and we always look out for our clients.


We use a multitude of sources to find your home, including the MLS, first look and off-market listings from us and other brokerages, direct owner contact, and other methods, for the best available inventory to choose from.


We look out for our clients. We negotiate on their behalf, have their backs, make sure they are treated right and fairly. We are experienced and have an excellent reputation for successful escrow closings and positive experiences.


Home ownership can be an amazing adventure with the right agent. From start to finish, we strive to exceed expectations so our buyers feel excited, happy, and fulfilled en route to their next pursuits ahead.

Stay ahead of the market. Save a ton of time and hassle.

Energetic Searching

Your real estate journey begins by finding your ideal home. We can provide a momentum boost by handling your searches for you. We call it “energetic searching” and it’s our way of proactively seeking out your new home, for you and with you.

Feel free to share a bit about what you’re looking for below.  You will receive a simple welcome e-mail from us with an activation link and then you will start receiving new listings for sale immediately! Enjoy!


Select all property types you are interested in:

We'll email you new "for sale" listings direct from the MLS the second they hit the market so you never miss out on the perfect home!

You'll receive priority notifications on our homes for sale, as well as first look and off-market listings from a variety of other brokerages and sources that we'll individually select for you based on your criteria.

There is no obligation or requirement to use us as your representation, we set you up complimentary free of charge, and you may modify or cancel the searches at any time.

Only if you'd like, we'll put you in contact with one of our real estate agents, who can answer questions and offer guidance. We can take it from there when you are ready to actively pursue a purchase.

Your information remains confidential and secure and is never shared with any 3rd parties.

Achieving the property ownership you envision

You don’t have to go at it alone. Through our representation, we help clients find their ideal home at great pricing, receive cost savings, and feel amazing about their purchase, their investment, and what the future holds.

We provide variety of personalized benefits for our clients along the way…

The best selection of properties to choose from...
  • New "for sale" listings direct from the MLS right to you the second they hit the market.
  • You'll have priority notice of our own in-house listings that may be right for you.
  • We have great relationships with many other brokerages and outside agents, giving us insider access to a more expansive industry-wide stream of first-look and off-market listing opportunities.
  • We market directly to homeowners in specific desired neighborhoods.
Showings and looking at homes in person...
  • We’ll coordinate showings for you, accompanying you for guided tours or providing you with an itinerary if you feel like looking on your own on certain days.
  • We’ll point out positive and negative observations of the homes we look at, and will offer guidance along the way.
  • We can carpool or caravan and work with your schedule.
  • For some buyers, the perfect house emerges quickly.  For others, it may take longer. We’ll stick with it and will keep up our momentum for as long as it takes, until we find your ideal home.
The most professional offers in the industry...

We put together the most complete, professional and competitive offer packages that get noticed and stand out. We go beyond the typical offer – we want the seller to feel the passion you have for the home, your excitement and energy. We put all of this together in our distinct way and feel this is what sets our offers apart from the rest.

The escrow process, from start to finish...

When our offer is accepted and escrow opens, we will act as your guardian and your guide, maneuvering you through a variety of tasks along the way.

  • Contracts and Documents: There’s a lot to read, sign, and figure out. We’ll keep all of this organized, will stay on top of deadlines for you, and will explain everything thoroughly so you know what you’re signing and what it all means. Our highest priority is making sure you are always contractually protected.
  • Property Inspections: We make sure thorough inspections are conducted so you have a proper understanding of the true condition of your home before being fully committed. We’ll provide recommendations on potential request for repair, seller credit, or price reduction scenarios.
  • Loan and Appraisal: We work in unison with your lender and will have you prepared for all appraisal scenarios, with the exact next steps to be taken based on the results.
Cost savings and negotiation flexibility...

 Cost Savings. Here is where we shine and stand out. We explore all avenues to keep more money in your pocket. The best way to know if you could have received a more favorable purchase price, better terms, additional repairs, or higher credits comes from having the right agent looking out for you. Otherwise, it could be thousands of dollars in missed savings.  You’ll have the confidence knowing if it can happen, we’ll make it happen.

 Negotiation flexibility. We are an independent real estate brokerage, so our agents are not hindered by franchise restrictions and hefty fees that can limit their ability to negotiate. We have flexibility. It comes in handy on offers. And it allows us to tailor our arrangement based on our individual clients’ needs. Ask us about our ability to be flexible. We’re happy to help where we can!

Dynamic. Creative. Integral.

The Real Estate Agents of

Our agents represent buyers & sellers on various property types, including Single Family Residences, Luxury Estates, Condominiums, Residential Income / Multifamily, Commercial & Land.

About Our Agents

•  Professional and reliable every step of the way. We are trusted guides, experts in the industry, and represent clients with the best of integrity.

 We understand contracts and negotiation, making sure the best interests of our clients are met – always. We keep them organized and on top of critical dates and deadlines. We expertly navigate through pivotal moments during escrow.

  We treat our clients as individuals and add a human component to the experience. We believe in collaboration and keeping our clients informed and engaged throughout. We’re on the journey together!

Feel free to contact any of our licensed real estate agents. We’re happy to answer questions, brainstorm scenarios, and discuss representing you on your next purchase, sale, investment or rental.

“Jeremy provided us with the utmost professional, educational and highly efficient 1st time home buying experience, with a smile. What a pleasure it was working with him. We recommend Jeremy to anyone looking for an extremely positive experience. He is truly a standout in his profession.”

Mr. & Mrs. Kenrick and Laura P.


“I have worked with Jeremy Howard [the broker] on multiple real estate transactions and give him my highest recommendation. Jeremy’s a total pro — responsive knowledgeable, ethical, and enthusiastic about his craft.”

Christopher B.


“Jeremy worked tirelessly…and routinely went above and beyond. Jeremy’s sense of integrity is impeccable. He treats his clients like family, one of the many reasons why he is not only one of the leading real estate professionals in L.A., but is also one of the kindest and most large-hearted individuals I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.”

Jennifer B.


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