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The experience of listing your home with us as your trusted representation…

Feeling right at home...

Our listings take buyers on a journey and make an impression.


Selling your home is about understanding, honoring and respecting it’s story and history, as well as the attention and life you have given it.


We promote, present and showcase your home everywhere, for all interested buyers, and to other brokerages representing buyers as well. Truly ultimate listing exposure. 


We pride ourselves on marketing your home in the most modern, creative and innovative ways. Open houses and showings are conducted with courtesy and professionalism.


The right blend of energy, synergy and activity leads to offers from quality buyers at a maximum price point and this is always our goal. We want to exceed your expectations.

Our recommendation on where to begin…

Let’s start with your own home evaluation.

We’re happy to share our version of a home evaluation with you. We think of it as part road map, part treasure map, which we use to navigate through the process of selling your home.

Anyone interested may contact us, we’ll schedule a day and time convenient for you and we’ll be finished in about 20 minutes. There is no commitment to list with us or cost. Our evaluations can be a great resource and we’re happy to help.

Highlights of what we’ll explore…

Detailed observations

…of the condition of your home with suggestions on how to prepare your home to be in it’s best possible “show ready” condition. We want buyers to have an amazing first impression.

A thorough market analysis

…comparing similar homes in the area currently for sale and recently sold to find the market perception of the value of the home from a raw numbers perspective.

Personalized enhancement suggestions

…with ways to increase the value of your home. We have an eye towards what a buyer will observe when they examine the home, what an inspector will notice during escrow, and what repair and cosmetic alterations can be made ahead of time to help increase value and avoid issues.

A comprehensive listing strategy

…designed and built specifically for you with our exact step-by-step plan for selling your home.

Pricing recommendations

…to give you a strong sense of what we think your home is worth and what we feel we can realistically sell it for. We have an excellent track record of successful escrow closings at prices that meet or exceed our clients’ goals.

Electric Marketing

Our presentation of your home bursts with energy and creativity on all sites, platforms, materials and devices. We offer the greatest listing exposure, utilizing creative techniques, technology and modern methods for an unprecedented reach to the consumer.

Here's where buyers see our listings...
  • The Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Public and real estate search engines & web sites.
  • On our web site in high resolution.
  • Across social media.
  • On other regional and nationwide brokerage sites as well.
  • Through advertising, marketing and promotion.
  • To our own internal database of buyer clients.
We are active on social media...

Our listings are typically shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn along with a variety of other platforms, allowing for direct engagement with today’s modern consumer.

We offer enhancement options, for example...
  • Drone video fly-thru’s.
  • Professional photography.
  • Furniture staging.

We have a variety of technologies and resources available to us for a truly next-level presentation.

Professional open houses and showings with...
  • For sale and open house signs, publicity materials, fliers, snacks and treats, the works!
  • We also do broker previews, caravans and private showings so everyone interested has the opportunity to view your home.
Our brokerage understands contracts...

We are experienced negotiators. We expect multiple offer scenarios. We want to make sure you are comfortable with what you are signing, so we always take the time to explain, suggest, educate, recommend and brainstorm with our clients.

Dynamic. Creative. Integral.

The Real Estate Agents of

Our agents represent buyers & sellers on various property types, including Single Family Residences, Luxury Estates, Condominiums, Residential Income / Multifamily, Commercial & Land.

About Our Agents

•  Professional and reliable every step of the way. We are trusted guides, experts in the industry, and represent clients with the best of integrity.

 We understand contracts and negotiation, making sure the best interests of our clients are met – always. We keep them organized and on top of critical dates and deadlines. We expertly navigate through pivotal moments during escrow.

  We treat our clients as individuals and add a human component to the experience. We believe in collaboration and keeping our clients informed and engaged throughout. We’re on the journey together!

Feel free to contact any of our licensed real estate agents. We’re happy to answer questions, brainstorm scenarios, and discuss representing you on your next purchase, sale, investment or rental.

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