Tips on how to best prepare your home to sell at an optimum price
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When the time comes to sell your home, it is only natural to want to maximize the return on your investment.

Many sellers inadvertently short change this potential without even realizing it, then become frustrated when offers don’t come in at the price point they are expecting.

Here are some great tips for you to increase your odds at obtaining a maximum value offer as you prepare to list your home for sale…

1) Make sure your home is spotless during open houses or when showing appointments are scheduled.

This is especially the case if you are still living in your home while trying to sell. A buyer understands that most places aren’t going to be in never-before-lived-in condition, but the closer the house can feel this way, the better the response will be.

If you are living in your home while selling, remove any and all clutter. This means dirty dishes, clothes, personal decorative pieces, trinkets or toys. This will make the space feel larger, open and more inviting.

2) Give your home a thorough cleaning before showings so it looks fresh and smells nice.

This will add to the feel of newness, and also indicates a pride of ownership that can send a really positive psychological signal to the buyer.

3) Furniture staging can be extremely beneficial.

Furniture staging may cost a few extra dollars, but it can be such a humongous benefit for a seller. Staging makes the home feel vibrant, cheerful, warm and alive. Staged furniture doesn’t feel “lived in” like a used sofa, for example, so a buyer won’t feel grossed out, but rather, can better visualize what they would do with the space with their own furniture replacing what’s there.

4) Try to make any small repairs, fixes, and patches to any noticeable issues.

Touch up paint can work wonders when there are visible paint cracks in the walls or ceiling.

Replace any burned out light bulbs.

Add a battery to that smoke detector that keeps chirping.

Make sure nothing is leaking.

Have the carpet cleaned if there are obvious stains.

Examples like this can make all the difference in the world to maximize your odds at obtaining premium-priced offers.

5) Try not to be present during open houses and private showings.

Leave this to your listing agent instead.

While it may be tempting to “hang out” and speak to potential buyers yourself, you may make them feel self-conscious in the space.

Buyers will want the freedom to openly discuss their feelings about the home with each other, but will be reluctant to do so if they know the owner is present. This feeling of being uncomfortable may translate into an unfavorable reaction to your home.

Your listing agent will greet each visitor, share with them the wonderful features of your home, and will make them feel at ease.

6) You don’t need to go overboard, but anything you can do to “enhance” the experience for a buyer will increase your odds dramatically.

A good listing agent will provide a lot of this, but for example…

Light scented candles and have refreshments during an open house.

Make sure all the lights are on and blinds or window coverings are opened up ahead of showings.

Add colorful accents, like fresh flowers.

All of this will add a burst of cheerfulness the second a buyer walks in. The rooms will feel more aesthetically pleasing and will smell good, adding to a positive sensory experience.

The right psychology is everything when trying to obtain an optimum offer on your home. Making sure the buyer feels comfortable in the space and positive about their experience will help you greatly in achieving your own goals with the sale of your wonderful home.

by Jeremy Howard

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Jeremy Howard

Broker / Founder, Realtor®

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