Suggestions for a healthy home buying experience…
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Looking for a happy, healthy home buying experience that doesn’t leave you stressed, frustrated, and tearing your hair out?

Here are some helpful suggestions to help you avoid feeling disillusioned over the process…

1) Jump on any new listings the second they hit the market.

The key is to make yourself available immediately to check out a home right away if it piques your interest. Sometimes, waiting until a weekend can be too late. Be the first to submit an aggressive offer, not the last, and you’ll see better results.

2) Give yourself plenty of time to shop.

The last thing you want to do is rush into the purchase of a home because of a time crunch, for two reasons: a) Rushing means you may not see the flaws of a property as easily. b) Factors outside of your control may make the process take a bit longer to receive an acceptance on one of your offers. If you find yourself up against a deadline, your stress level will increase exponentially, and you will lose some of that objectivity when determining if a home is right for you. Give yourself plenty of breathing room to shop.

3) Always keep your momentum going.

The lazy agent will submit an offer on your behalf, then take the wait and see approach. In reality, because of those factors outside of your control, you should continue to view new places, and submit additional offers if you’d like, while awaiting the results on any offers made. With the wait and see, you are wasting valuable time, and if you don’t get that acceptance, your frustration will mount much quicker. By the time you get the results on an offer, you may have already discovered an even better opportunity for yourself.

4) Advanced education is the key when you are in escrow.

One source of frustration can occur when surprises happen during the escrow process you weren’t expecting. A good agent will always let you know what to anticipate in advance to avoid those annoying stumbling blocks.

5) Strategize in advance when you should give your move out notice if you are currently renting.

You should always give yourself a buffer of time when figuring out when your escrow will close. If your escrow is scheduled to close on the 1st, and that’s when you have to be moved out of your apartment, your stress level will go through the roof if your escrow is delayed for any reason. Give yourself that added pad of time, and the process will be much more comfortable for you.

The proper advanced insight, education, and anticipation can make all the difference in the world in ensuring a positive home buying experience.

by Jeremy Howard

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Jeremy Howard

Broker / Founder, Realtor®

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