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Real Estate

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We help buyers find their ideal property at a great price, receive cost savings and other benefits, and feel amazing about their purchase. We look out for our clients, negotiate on their behalf, have their backs, make sure they are treated right and fairly. We are experienced and have an excellent reputation for successful escrow closings and positive experiences.


Real Estate

The ultimate listing experience has arrived

Sellers enjoy top level service with us as their representation. Our listings are professional and creative. We utilize state of the art and tried and true methods to obtain the results our clients are looking for. The combination of presentation and exposure set our listings apart, helping to maximize the return on your investment.

Electric Marketing

Our marketing bursts with energy and reflects our creativity. We offer the greatest listing exposure so your home gets noticed everywhere. We utilize technology and modern methods for an unprecedented reach.

Here's where buyers see our listings...
  • The Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Public and real estate search engines & web sites.
  • On our web site in high resolution.
  • Across social media.
  • On many other regional and nationwide brokerage sites.
  • Through advertising, marketing and promotion.
  • To our own internal database of buyer clients.
We offer enhancement options, for example...
  • Drone video fly-thru’s.
  • Professional photography.
  • 3D & Virtual Tours.
  • Furniture staging.

We have a variety of technologies and resources available to us for a truly next-level presentation.

Open houses and showings with...
  • Professional agents who greet visitors, give tours, answer questions, and chat with potential buyers.
  • Top-notch marketing and publicity materials, fliers, snacks, the works, with “for sale” and “open house” signs, accessories, etc.
  • Broker previews, agent caravans and private showings so everyone interested has the opportunity to view your home.
Negotiation flexibility and cost savings...
 Negotiation flexibility. We are an independent real estate brokerage, so our agents are not hindered by franchise restrictions and hefty fees that can limit their ability to negotiate. We have flexibility. It comes in handy on offers. And it allows us to tailor our arrangement based on our individual clients’ needs. Ask us about our ability to be flexible. We’re happy to help where we can!

 Cost Savings. Where we can be of great assistance. We explore all avenues to keep more money in your pocket. The best way to know if you could have received a more favorable purchase price, better terms, additional credits, etc. comes from having the right agent looking out for you. Otherwise, it could be thousands of dollars in missed savings.  You’ll have the confidence knowing if it can happen, we’ll make it happen.

Dynamic. Creative. Integral.

The Real Estate Agents of

Our agents represent buyers and sellers on various property types in all shapes and sizes:  Single Family Residences, Luxury Estates, Condominiums & Townhomes, Residential Income, Multifamily, Commercial, Land and other specialty sales in California…

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