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Searching for new homes for sale when you’re a buyer in the market is one of the most exciting parts of the journey. We find great joy in the experience of searching for the right property with our clients.

What we want to do is take care of the logistics and coordinate the details for you so you can simply concentrate on your enjoyment of the homes throughout our search.

Allow us to save you a ton of time and hassle by handling your search process for you.

 We’ll email you new “for sale” listings direct from the MLS the second they hit the market.

We’ll get the inside scoop on the plusses and minuses, positives and negatives, and the red flags.

We’ll give impressions of the home immediately, saving time, and keeping your search process efficient.

We’ll stay proactive with searches for you and will share recommendations of our own so we stay ahead of the market.

Feel free to try out some searches with us!


When we represent you, you’ll receive priority notifications and exclusive access to new in-house listings and off-market opportunities.


Let’s get you prequalified with a lender and ready to go.

This will accomplish a few things right from the start:

 We’ll have an exact price range for your purchase, based on your qualifications and comfort level.

Our search process will be much more efficient, ensuring we identify only eligible properties to pursue.

Sellers will expect to see a lender prequalification letter with an offer. Having this in place will have us ready to submit an offer at a moment’s notice, vital in the current market.

Here are some common questions buyers ask us:

Am I required to have a prequalification letter in order to submit an offer?

NO, however, to remain competitive against potential offer competition and ensure the most complete and professional offer package, we highly recommend including this with all offers.

Is it better to get prequalified through a direct lender, for example, the company I bank with, or an independent mortgage company?

IT DEPENDS, based on your qualifications and needs.

Direct lenders tend to offer the most favorable pricing with fewer costs and fees, but they are more strict with their eligibility requirements and types of programs available.

Independent companies have relationships with a variety of lenders, offering more diverse programs at different qualifying marks, but tend to be less competitive on price. Our advice if you aren’t sure: Get quotes from both types. The direct comparison based on your scenario will help you be able to make an informed decision, and we’re here to help as well.

When offering on a home, does it really matter whether or not my down payment is 5%, 10% or 20% of the purchase price?

YES, from the standpoint of competing against other offers.

When multiple offers are submitted on a home, a seller will look for tie-breakers when determining the strength of one offer vs. another. A buyer who puts 20% down demonstrates a better financial strength than a buyer who puts 5% down.

Of course, not everyone qualifies at 20% down, and not every home has multiple offer competition. It’s all about finding the right sweet spot and the right opportunity always surfaces at any qualifying point.

If you would like any recommendations, we have excellent relationships with both direct lenders and independent mortgage companies, and can suggest a lender we think may be a good fit based on your scenario.


What are we waiting for?

Let’s get out there and start looking at homes in person!

Showings tend to fall into 3 categories: 1) Open Houses, 2) By appointment, 3) Access via Realtor® Supra Key* or combination lockbox.

What is a Realtor® Supra Key?

A Realtor® Supra Key unlocks special lockboxes that only Realtors have access to. This allows listing agents to track other agents that access the lockbox, offering better security for the home and peace of mind for a seller.

Here’s how your EMBARQ agent participates with showings:

Each week, we will coordinate showings for you, accompanying you on days you would like a guided tour, or putting together an itinerary for you when you just feel like checking out places on your own.

 We enjoy attending showings with our clients. We feel this is a great opportunity for ourselves to get to know the home as well. In person, we can provide a good evaluation based on our experience, point out positive and negative observations, and offer guidance along the way.

 We can carpool or caravan, and will coordinate showings, transportation, and the overall itinerary with you in advance, based on what works best with your schedule.

Buyers find their homes at different times. For some, the perfect house surfaces the very first weekend we venture out. For others, it may take longer. We’ll stick with it and keep up our momentum each week, for as long as it takes, until we find the home you feel right to submit an offer on.


EMBARQ puts together the most professional, competitive and complete offer packages in our industry today.

We take the time to go through the offer step by step with our buyers. We want you to know exactly what you are signing, with complete transparency in the process, and a ton of communication, so you are confident with your purchase.

To achieve an acceptance in a competitive market, we feel it’s not just how well you qualify that matters, but it’s also the professionalism of the agent and the integrity of the brokerage that helps earn the confidence of the seller and the listing agent.

Our offer packages are not simply the “nuts and bolts.” We want the seller to feel the passion you have for the home, your excitement and energy, as well as the professionalism of the agent representing you.

We feel this is what sets EMBARQ apart from the rest, and can make a huge difference in obtaining an offer acceptance for you.

We have an excellent industry reputation for successful escrow closings and happy clients and can’t wait to make yours a similar experience.


When our offer is accepted and escrow opens, we will act as your guardian and your guide, maneuvering you through a variety of tasks along the way.

There are 3 pivotal aspects of escrow where your EMBARQ agent can be of great assistance as your representation:

 DOCUMENTATION & DISCLOSURES. You’ll discover a ton of paperwork headed your way. Often electronically! That’s good. But it will be a lot to read, sign, and figure out. We’ll keep all of this organized and will stay on top of deadlines for you. We want everything flowing smooth and streamlined the entire way.

 PROPERTY INSPECTIONS. One of the most important aspects of the process. We want a licensed professional inspector to get in there on your behalf and go over every inch of the home with a “fine tooth comb.”

Your EMBARQ agent will help to interpret the inspections, determining potential request for repairseller credit, or price reduction scenarios.

We make sure your deposit remains protected. If the inspections turn up something alarming that can’t be reconciled or fixed, we’ll cancel escrow and your deposit will be returned to you.


During escrow, your lender will assign an appraiser to provide a current market value of the home you are purchasing.

Where that value ends up has a strong bearing on the outcome of our escrow.

Your EMBARQ agent will have you prepared for any appraisal scenario, and will know the exact next steps to take based on the results.


Once we get through inspection and appraisal, momentum ramps up big time!

Everything will start rounding into shape.

It’s actually our favorite step of the process – when multiple departments operate in unison to take us through to escrow close.

Your EMBARQ agent will give you the play by play so you are informed every step of the way.

We’ll guide you through the FINAL WALK-THRU of the home, making sure things are as they are supposed to be before closing.

We’ll orchestrate obtaining the keys from the seller and we’ll hand deliver to you when escrow closes!

And then…

…let the celebrating begin!!!

We would be honored to be your brokerage of choice to excellently represent you on your real estate purchase.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to inquire further about buying real estate with EMBARQ…


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